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  • Lighting design of apartments, houses, offices, commercial spaces, industrial factories, facades and other objects
  • Light-technical calculations and designs
  • Lighting technology consultancy
  • Supply of light fixtures and complete lighting systems
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  • Emergency lighting
  • Light sources
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  • Proposals for the replacement of existing lighting for LED fixtures with an assessment of investment return

Values and Visualisation

Lighting calculation - solution and values on the measuring area

Calculation algorithm usedHigh indirect fraction
Height of evaluation surface0,85 m
Maintenance factor

Total luminous flux of all lamps410360 Im
Total power5084 W
Total power per area (167.50 m2)30.35 W/m2

Average illuminanceEav599 Ix
Minimum illuminanceEmin271 Ix
Maximum illuminanceEmax841 Ix
Uniformity g1Emin/Em1:2.21 (0.45)
Uniformity g2Emin/Emax1:3.1 (0.32)